Step by Step Process Guide

1. Order the Architectural Design PDF Set , PDF & CAD Set  or Modified design CAD & PDF to get the house design with detailed dimensions.

– Analyse the Architectural Design.
– Upgrade to the Modified Architectural Design if you need modifications but had not ordered the modified design set.


– All the dimensions & sizes can be modified.


Your order will be delivered within 1 to 3 business days via email. Zero shipping costs to you



2. Deliver the ordered design to several Builders to get the best construction price.

– Do not go with the first estimate.
– Ask several quotes from different Builders. Compare different material & main structure options.
– You could save tens of thousands if you talk to several Builders.




3. Decide materials and technical solutions with your local Builder.

download-3We can modify:
– all the dimensions (interior & exterior)
– roof type & pitch
– windows size & location
– foundation type
– add basement
– add garage / remove garage
– add or remove interior walls
– add or remove fireplace



4. Ask detailed price quotes from your local Builders.



5. Choose the Builder.

download-5Your local Builder`s / Engineer´s responsibilities:
1. Structural Engineering
2. Materials (Structure / Framing, Interior, Exterior, Roof)
3. Detailed Work Drawings  (Structure / Framing, Sewerage, Water, Ventilation, Electricity, Heating)




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